You’re Invited to Sanctum
To Grow your Intuitive Abilities
A Divinely Inspired Event in Mexico’s Sacred Valley to Trust and Develop our Metaphysical Gifts ---- Together
June 22 - 25, 2023
Sanctum is Presented By

This is your call to a sacred adventure.

....To journey to an enchanted land, to be guided by a team of extraordinary mentors, and to discover and develop your intuitive abilities.

Sanctum is Jedi Academy meets Hogwarts; a temple for the cultivation of the mystic arts.

You've always had a deep connection to the magic of life.

You've loved the books and movies about magic and myth...

Now it's time to live it even more fully.

As the pace of change increases across planet earth, many of us are being called to step forward with our gifts, to fully apply our intuitive abilities.

Do you feel it?

The wisdom of our ancestors, and the creative shamanic technologies they cultivated for thousands of years,are part of the key to humanity's survival - and you are invited to reclaim them with us.

 Our role is to piece together the insights needed to reconstruct and develop  mystical states of awareness...

...and to access the gifts of healing, insight, protection, and guidance they provide us.

In the last 10-20 years, each of our Sanctum instructors set out on this exact quest.

And through devotion, practice, and courage, each of us has learned to access a part of these states and gifts - it is now our intention to support each other in quickening this awakening.

Sanctum is a community for the development of supernatural abilities and mystical states of awareness. 

This Invitation is for you if:

✅ You had unusual experiences with energy and intuition as a child or young adult
✅ You've been committed to some spiritual practices but are ready for a new level
✅ You are a metaphysical teacher, coach, or guide who wants to refill your cup and be supported by peers to master your deeper gifts
✅ You have fantasized about or experienced healing, psychic, channeling, or other intuitive gifts
✅ You have been drawn to the study of meditation, metaphysics, or consciousness
✅ Watched Harry Potter or X-Men and wished there was a school for developing your intuitive abilities somewhere in the world
✅ Wished for a playground where other masters and seekers could meet you and help you specifically figure out how your deeper gifts operate
✅ Longed for deeper personal/business collaboration with other mystical leaders but felt a bit isolated and unsure how to create those relationships

Meet Your Guides
David Beaudry
Spiritual Strength Trainer and Qi Gong Master
Isis Indriya
Healer and Oracular Arts Expert
Paula Curtwright
Energy Healer and Oracle
James Seriph
Energy Healer and Mystic
Adam Apollo
Galactic Ambassador and Consciousness Teacher

While you are at Sanctum, you will be held in a field of powerful love and magic....

...and experience a series of workshops strategically designed to open you to accessing your own intuitive gifts that have always been there.

You will develop confidence in these gifts - and even have the chance to share these gifts with others - as we are all teachers for each other!
At Sanctum you will experience the following mini-immersions:
Experience Spiritual Strength Development w/ David 
Repair and upgrade your physical body to be able to hold more energy for mystical work
Learn the Foundational Principles of the Oracle Arts w/ Isis
Join isis on the journey to reclaiming the ancient arts of divination, using the time honored tools such as traditional scrying and the modern tool of the divination board
Sigil Construction and Advanced Manifestation w/ Adam
Discover techniques for using sigils as energetic constructs with emotional energy into rapid undeniably powerful manifestations
Discover The Internal Channels for Truth-Sensing w/ Paula
Learn to fully ground your awareness into the body and remove blocks to feeling that give you access to your own internal 'truth detector'
Blueprints to the Dimensions of reality Creation w/ James
Receive a comprehensive map of consciousness that you can use for diagnosing the 'key' to awakening mystic states of consciousness

Hosted in one of the Sacred Valleys of Mexico
When I first came to Tepoztlan, I was struck by the power and beauty of the land.

If you haven't been - think of it as the Sedona of Mexico.

The mountains are made of a high concentration of copper - a natural conductor of electricity.

No wonder the energies there are powerful.

There I encountered a long lost brother and incredible piece of property that Roberto, one of our own, who said he had been waiting for me. 

Roberto explained he was shown a vision, to create a space where light workers could gather to train and develop their gifts...

That he had now been building for a total of 30 years, and was finished this very year.


When I saw the space I was blown away...

And I knew we were meant to gather there.

Why this Event is Different from other Immersions
We hold this event on beautiful sacred land designed for this - not in a hotel conference room or over Zoom. 

This is an event designed to create the most powerful experience for every attendee. 

We have recruited the best metaphysical mentors that would normally cost thousands of dollars each for their direct mentorship - and created the space where you can access all of their transmissions at once.

The ratio of instructors to participants will be about 7:1 - and you will get one on one attention to help you on your path.

You will be surrounded with experts who have actually harnessed their spiritual gifts, who are incredible activators of spiritual potential for you.

This is not an event designed for sales or filled with pitches. 

This will be a living breathing immersion into the mystical.

What you will Receive when you Attend

✅ 3.5 Days full immersion at Sanctum in Tepoztlan, MX
✅ 3 Delicious catered meals per day + snacks included (vegetarian/meat options available)
✅ Shuttle Transportation to and From Venue via MX City (Leaving from Hotel Americana Viaducto)

Choose Your Accomodation

Basic Room, Single Beds
Want to Share a Room? Save $200 at Checkout
Family Room, Two Queen Beds

Want to Share a Room? Save $200 at Checkout
Private Suite with the  Best View of the Valley
Want to Share a Room? Save $200 at Checkout
Want to share a room? Save $200 each and share a room with two beds.

Logistics and FAQ
Q: What are the Requirements for entry to Mexico right now?
Mexico is easy to enter; there are no specific vaccine, or test requirements at present. Just a passport and a plane ticket to the Mexico City Airport is all you need.
Q: Is it safe to travel within Mexico?
Yes; Uber from the airport to the hotel is very safe, and works the same way it does in the United States (same app). We arrange all transportation to and from the hotel in Mexico City to the venue in Tepoztlan where you will be with our community the whole time. 
Q: How do I get to the Venue?
You can choose to come on your own, or you can join us for free transportation from Mexico City to Tepoztlan on our shuttles. Shuttles will leave from and return to the Fiesta Viaducto Americana Hotel in Mexico City on Thursday morning at 9:30AM.
Q: Dietary Req's?
Both vegetarian and meat options will be available on the menu.